We are running a small, cageless cattery in northern Berlin, Germany. Caring for health and quality, we combine US lines from a broad genetic base. Cats are carefully selected for breed.
The goal is to set up a line, which means, we are not producing cats to sell - we are breeding with a goal and we have to sell kittens from time to time, because we cannot keep them all.

Our litters are solids, tabbies and colourpointed cats in  long- and shorthair. We do also care for parti-colours and silver. Future goals are colourpointed exotic shorthair and parti-colour silver-tabby.
Already there is some show success with our own cats.

Kittens are home-raised with love and time, and their character reflects that: they all are playful, lovingly little personalities. They love all humans as well as non-human friends, do easily travel and have no problems moving to new homes.

The breeding stock is vaccinated against viral infectious diseases, which includes "standard" vaccinations (RCP), chlamydiosis, leucaemia (FeLV) and FIP.